Shiny Happy People

Gallery of people i met along the way with their quirks and stories. Such a joy to know and spend time with you all.

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Pak Wani

A charming guy whom i met during my several trips to Pulau Panggang. Back then he rents his boat for our island hopping trips but now he expands his business to a bigger boat to transport material from Pulau Panggang to Jakarta or vice versa. Going with him is such an entertaining boat ride. Most memorable time was when he said in gravely sound “terryna, every island here always has a host..” Here in indonesia, host can also means a ghost that lingers at one place. It terrified us all, especially when he said it @midnight and one of my friend just point a dark corner on the island, where people usually sense some discomfort. Pak Wani then continues, still in his hoarse voice “like this island for example, the host is Pak Amsori!” hahaha Pak Amsori definitely still alive and he takes care of the island. We were just being paranoid and Pak Wani who knew  that we’re scared, breaks the icy ghoul with his joke :D.

Pak Yanto

Pak Yanto is the son of Pak Wani. His demeanor might be rough around the edges, but it’s evident that he’s kindhearted. One of his traits is how strong he is underwater. Like when we made our coral garden in front of Semakdaun. All of us went up several times for a fresh air supply before another duck dive. But he kept sitting, literally, on seabed, taking an UW picture and video. Well, some people just lucky to have extra gills under their ears, I guess 😀


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